Many years ago I attended a wedding at the Bellagio Il Perlo Panorama Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel was inspired by Bellagio Italy, famed for its elegance and natural beauty like hotel villa marie. When I had the opportunity to visit the actual town of Bellagio, I was not prepared for how marvellous it truly is.

After spending a day touring The Bellagio Center, an artistic retreat established by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1959, it’s difficult to express the grandeur of the sweeping natural landscapes and preserved greenery that mark this natural wonder in the Lombardy region.

Taking the ferry across Lake Como from Tremezzo presents a unique view of the mountains from below, but affording yourself the opportunity to witness the epic beauty as you climb higher is worth the effort. And it’s this vantage point that marks the unique offering of the Il Perlo Panorama visit.

Favoured for its Bike Tour offerings, Il Perlo is nestled in the mountains above Lake Como. After a day of walking, I was greeted by this incredible view from the balcony in my balcony view of il perlo Beyond the breathtaking views, however, is the graciousness of the hotel staff. From every point of contact to the shuttle driver who collects you in the town of Bellagio, to the front desk and restaurant staff, every interaction is a joy.

The 17 room hotel features a beautiful outdoor dining terrace with remarkable scenery of the town and lakes below. Suffice to say, it is a delightful breakfast, lunch and dinner experience, as the restaurant also allows you to partake in the views while you’re seated. il perlo terrace

Wifi and parking are included, and most of the rooms are modestly designed and decorated. The hotel’s shuttle service is the greatest advantage, as it drops you off in the heart of the town adjacent to the ferry when it’s time to depart to your next destination.